Laundry Tips

Laundry Tips

The More the Snugglier

1. Soften

Snuggle® liquid fabric softeners give you the Snuggly Softness® that your family loves and has Fresh Release technology that ensures fabrics stay fresh for 30 days

2. Freshen

Freshness Boosters are a mess free way of delivering a burst of long lasting freshness - up to 100 days ** with our boosters - to your laundry.

3. Control Static

Snuggle® dryer sheets control static cling, reduce wrinkles, and deliver a final touch of freshness to your laundry

Usage Instructions

Got a top loader?

For a top loader washing machine, add Snuggle® liquid fabric softener during the final rinse cycle or use an automatic dispenser. To avoid spotting, do not pour Snuggle® directly onto clothes.

Got a front loader?

For a front loader machine, add Snuggle® liquid fabric softener to the built-in fabric softener tray that is often placed next to  the detergent tray. Safe for standard and HE washing machines.

Dryer Sheets

For lasting freshness and static reduction, add a Snuggle® dryer sheet to every load you dry. Place the sheet on top of wet clothes and start the dryer cycle. Discard after use. For large loads, throw in an extra sheet for added freshness.

Scent Booster Pacs Usage

For those seeking convenience, simply place a Scent Pac into the washer drum before adding your laundry, and then add detergent. Scent Boosters are safe for all washing machine types, including HE. These concentrated scent pacs dissolve in your wash leaving behind nothing but long-lasting freshness. Enjoy the snifference!

Freshness Booster Crystal Usage

Before adding your clothes, pour a little or a lot of boosters directly into your washer. Safe for standard and HE washing machines. In-Wash Freshness Boosters have odor fighting technology and infuse laundry with extraordinary freshness that lasts up to 100 days**!


Better Softness

Fabric softener helps make your clothes feel softer. The softness is quite noticeable on laundry items like sheets and linens.

More Freshness

Fabric softener extends the just washed freshness feeling, letting you enjoy the experience of wearing clean clothes and sleeping in fresh, soft linens longer*.

Reduced Wrinkles

Liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets can help reduce wrinkles in your clothes giving you more time for family fun!

Static Cling Reduction

Liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets can reduce the static cling caused by your dryer. They neutralize the negatively charged particles in fabric that cause that unwanted shock.

*Than detergent alone
**Out of Storage