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Snuggle® BlueSparkle®

Experience snuggly moments every day with Snuggle® Blue Sparkle® fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and scent beads and pacs. Keep clothes feeling soft* and stronger*, plus get up to 30 days of freshness**. Take your laundry to another level of fresh with a wide variety of laundry care products.

  • Snuggle® Original Blue Sparkle® Dryer Sheets

  • Snuggle® Blue Sparkle® Fabric Softener

  • Snuggle® Crystals Blue Sparkle® Scent Booster

Snuggle® SuperFresh®

Looking for a laundry odor remover that fights laundry smells and delivers long-lasting freshness, softness, and static control? Help eliminate laundry odors with Snuggle® Plus SuperFresh® liquid fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and scent boosters.

  • Snuggle® SuperFresh® Original Dryer Sheets

  • Snuggle® SuperFresh® Spring Burst® Dryer Sheets

  • Snuggle® SuperFresh® Spring Burst® Fabric Softener

  • Snuggle® SuperFresh® Original Fabric Softener

  • Snuggle® Scent Shakes™ SuperFresh® Original Scent Boosters

  • Snuggle® Scent Shakes™ SuperFresh® Spring Burst® Scent Boosters

Snuggle® Exhilarations®

Enjoy the long-lasting scents of Snuggle® Exhilarations® that will put a good mood in the air! Exhilarations® products add fragrance to your clothes for a smell-good, feel-good experience. Snuggle® offers a wide range of laundry scents, from Lavender and Vanilla to Blue Iris and Ocean Breeze. Shop all of our fabric boosters!

  • Snuggle® Crystals Lavender & Vanilla Orchid® Scent Booster

  • Snuggle® Island Hibiscus & Rainflower® Dryer Sheets

  • Snuggle® Island Hibiscus & Rainflower® Fabric Softener

  • Snuggle® Lavender & Vanilla Orchid® Dryer Sheets

  • Snuggle® Lavender & Vanilla Orchid® Fabric Softener