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Snuggle® Island Hibiscus & Rainflower

Brighten your day with Island Hibiscus & Rainflower®, a delightful combination of soft white florals, bright hibiscus notes and lush lotus flowers blended with notes of juicy tropical fruits. Using fabric softener in the wash provides better softness*, better freshness*, helps reduce wrinkles, and helps remove static cling of each load.

Love this scent? Be sure to try it in all our our formats: liquid, dryer sheets, and in-wash scent booster pacs.

  • Scent of soft white florals, bright hibiscus, lush lotus flowers, and juicy tropical fruits
  • Just washed freshness for up to 100 Days™ out of storage
  • Safe for standard and HE washing machines

How to Use:

Shake closed Snuggle® bottle. Open bottle and measure to desired line in cap.

Locate the fabric softener dispenser in your washing machine. Pour product into the dispenser. Do not pour directly on fabrics.

For regular loads fill slightly below lower mark on line 1 (0.85 oz). For large loads fill slightly above line 2. Snuggle® is safe for all fabric softener dispensers and are high-efficiency washer friendly.

In case of eye contact, flush with water. Call a physician, if necessary. Keep out of reach of children. WARNING: Do not use this product on fluffier fabrics such as fleece or terry cloth as it may increase the flammability of these fabrics. Do not use this product on children's sleepwear or other garments labeled as flame resistant as it may reduce flame resistance.

just washed freshness for up to 100 days

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