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Our Story

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What makes Snuggle® so special? The extra care we give makes a big difference. Sometimes a hug, a smile, a smell, a touch is all we need. Snuggle® gives your clothes the softness that invites a hug, the smell of home, and the look that lasts longer*. We believe togetherness and connection is the most precious thing we have – that’s why Snuggle® is dedicated to making those moments happen.

Learn more about the history of the Snuggle® brand and fun facts about the Snuggle® Bear below:

The History of Snuggle® Brand from 1983 - 2019
Fun Facts About the Snuggle® Bear

*Versus detergent alone     **Out of Storage
***Voted in 2017 by the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation in the Fabric Conditioner Category - Survey of 40;000 people by TNS