How to Use Fabric Softener in a Top Loader

How to Use Fabric Softener in a Top Loader

There are few moments in life, better than pulling freshly cleaned, warm and soft clothes from the dryer. One of the easiest ways to make sure your clothes are snuggly fresh is by using fabric softener. Fabric softeners work to condition clothes during the wash cycle to protect your clothes and keep the fabric feeling soft. Incorporating fabric softener into your laundry routine can help to keep your blankets cozier and pajamas softer.

With so many different types of washing machines, it can be confusing to know how to use fabric softener in your washer. Snuggle® laundry experts are here to answer all of your questions about using fabric softener in a top load washer.

Why Fabric Softeners Should Be Used

With all the steps in your laundry regimen, using fabric softener should be one that you try to never skip. Adding a laundry softener to your rinse cycle provides many benefits, here are just a few of them:

When to Use Fabric Softeners

Wondering when fabric softeners should be used? If your clothing needs that extra step of protection from the routine wear and tear of a washing machine, a fabric softener can help make sure your shirts, pants or socks keep their shape. If you’re looking for an added boost of crispness, using a rinse cycle softener can prevent them from staining and keep them smelling fresh from wash to wash.

There are certain fabrics that do not require fabric softening. It is best not to use fabric conditioners on moisture wicking activewear, water-resistant items, or clothing made of synthetic fibers.

How to Use Fabric Softener in a Top Load Washer

dropping laundry in a top load washer

There’s more to using a fabric softener than just dropping it in your top load washer. Luckily, getting your clothes snuggly soft is quick and easy when you use Snuggle® fabric softeners.

    • Step 1. Measure the amount of fabric conditioner you should add to your top load washer by using the cap of your softening container.
    • Step 2. Pour your favorite Snuggle® fabric softener into the top of the dispenser, typically found in the center column of your washing machine.

    • Step 3. Start the appropriate rinse cycle for your load of laundry and let Snuggle® do the rest!

    The fabric conditioner will be released by your washing machine so you can enjoy snuggly freshness once your laundry routine is complete.

    Using Fabric Softener in Other Types of Laundry Machines

    No matter the type of washing machine you are using, Snuggle® fabric softeners are easy to use.

    Silver Front Loader Washing Machine

    How to Use Fabric Softener in a Front Loader

    Add Snuggle® liquid fabric softener to the built-in fabric softener tray, commonly found next to the detergent tray.

    Did you know? Snuggle® liquid fabric softener is safe for standard and HE washing machines.

        • Using a front-load washing machine: The steps for this type of machine begin exactly like a top load washer. Measure the correct amount of fabric softener using the cap of your container. Next, pour Snuggle® into your washer’s dispenser tray. Lastly, allow your machine to release the fabric softener in the rinse cycle before transferring to the dryer.

        • Using an automatic dispenser: This type of washing machine differs a little bit in its first step. A washing machine with an automatic dispenser will have a small cup in the center column of the appliance. Rather than use the cap to measure your fabric softener, use the fill lines on the side of the dispenser to measure the right amount of liquid. During the rinse cycle, the washing machine will fill with water, gently dispersing the fabric conditioner throughout the laundry to evenly coat the clothes inside.

        • No dispenser: If you don’t have a dispenser in your washing machine, don’t panic. You can still use Snuggle®. Just be sure to add fabric softener during the rinse cycle of your appliance and directly into the water, rather than on top of clothes, to prevent the possibility of stains.

        It’s Time to Give Fabric Softeners a Try

        Now that you know how to use fabric softener in a top load washer, it’s time to give Snuggle® a try! With Snuggle® fabric softeners, wear and tear, and pesky odors don’t stand a chance. For more information on how you can get softer, cozier and fresher clothes, view our laundry tips.

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