Snuggle® Scent Shakes™ Blue Sparkle® Scent Boosters

Enjoy the Snuggly Freshness you love in your favorite Snuggle® Blue Sparkle® scent! Snuggle® Scent Shakes™ infuse laundry with extraordinary freshness that lasts up to 100 days**! Our Blue Sparkle® scent is a fresh and clean blend of white floral and bright green citrus notes that snuggle up to warm woody notes and a soft musk for a comforting, long-lasting freshness that builds. For a complete regimen use with Blue Sparkle® liquid fabric softener and Blue Sparkle® dryer sheets. Pour directly into your washer before adding your clothes.

Available in 9oz and 13.7oz

The Bearometer™ Snuggle® benefits at a glance

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