Spend more time with your loved ones and Snuggle® up with Snuggle® dryer sheets. Our fresh scents range from spring flowers to ocean breezes. You’ll always have a new smell to indulge in! Plus, our cling-free dryer sheets reduce static and wrinkles so you can spend less time ironing and more time with family. Our dryer sheets are super easy-to-use – just pop ‘em in the dryer with freshly washed clothes and discard after use.

Check out our selection and find out where to buy dryer sheets below:

SuperCare™ Dryer Sheets

New Snuggle® SuperCare™ helps you enjoy all day comfort in the clothes you love by using specially formulated sheets with fiber care technology that reduces wrinkles and controls static.

Ultra™ Dryer Sheets

Want outstanding freshness? Unbelievable softness? Take your pick of dryer sheets in the Ultra™ collection here:

SuperFresh® Dryer Sheets

Take freshness to the next level with the odor-eliminating technology of our SuperFresh® fabric dryer sheet collection below:

Exhilarations® Dryer Sheets

Our Exhilarations® Dryer Sheets offer a delightful combination of fresh scents that will put a good mood in the air!